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Part 02: Deep Dive Into Apache Kafka®

Speaker: Jun Rao, Co-founder, Confluent

In the last few years, Apache Kafka® has been used extensively in enterprises for real-time data collecting, delivering, and processing. In this talk, Jun Rao, Co-founder, Confluent, gives a deep dive on some of the key internals that help make Kafka popular.

- Companies like LinkedIn are now sending more than 1 trillion messages per day to Kafka. Learn about the underlying design in Kafka that leads to such high throughput.
- Many companies (e.g., financial institutions) are now storing mission critical data in Kafka. Learn how Kafka supports high availability and durability through its built-in replication mechanism.
- One common use case of Kafka is for propagating updatable database records. Learn how a unique feature called compaction in Apache Kafka is designed to solve this kind of problem more naturally.

This is part 2 out of 6 of the Apache Kafka: Online Talk Series.