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KSQL: Streaming SQL for Apache Kafka®

Speaker: Neil Avery, Senior Engineer and Technologist, Confluent

Learn how to build real-time streaming applications with KSQL, the open source streaming SQL engine for Apache Kafka®. Join us to walk away with an understanding of KSQL's architecture and how to design and deploy interactive, continuous queries for streaming ETL and real-time analytics.

After reviewing the basics of KSQL, we'll use Docker to bootstrap a clickstream app to see how easily we can process a stream of Kafka data. This session will walk through the following:
-The KSQL environment and its dependencies
-First and second order constructs such as Streams, Tables, and their behavior
-Interacting with KSQL via the CLI, learning the basics
-Build a simple end-to-end example that streams generated data into Grafana
-Building a schema file
-Monitoring the environment and resources
-Walking through the clickstream ‘demo’ app
-Adding additional functionality to the demo app
-KSQL roadmap