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Kafka Tutorials: Window Final Result with Loïc Divad | Stockholm Apache Kafka® Meetup by Confluent

When processing event-streams, time-based operations are not the easiest to reflect on. However, they are essential! Many classic operations, such as grouping elements over a window or joining two streams are, by default, expected from a stream processing libraries like Kafka Stream. Among those features, emitting a final result at the end of a window has been for a long time impossible. So what is different with this operation? And what are the great powers you will unlock by using it in your application? Let's refer to kafka-tutorials to answer those questions.

As a warm-up for a year full of great Kafka meetups, this talk walks you through a particular Kafka tutorial. You will get a very concrete implementation of that classic exercise. It will discuss the concept that makes this final window result possible, and finally, you will have an overview of how kafka-tutorials works and how to contribute to it.

Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/ConfluentInc/stockholm-meetup-kafkatutorialswindowfinalresult/ConfluentInc/stockholm-meetup-kafkatutorialswindowfinalresult