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Building a self-service Kafka platform as a service with GitOps with Pere Urbon-Bayes | Meetup

Have you ever wondered, what motivates people? According to many authors, autonomy is a key factor to build a sustainable and motivated team. This is as well a core principle of the devops.

If you are in the quest of building a self-service kafka based platform where your users can manage topics, acls and rbac by themself, but still keep change control and a verification process? Gitops and Kafka Topology Builder is here to help you.

In this talk we're going to present and guide you towards the steps necessary to build up a self-service Apache Kafka using Gitops and Kafka Topology Builder, including a few war stories from people using it in production.

By the end of this talk, you will take home an automatic Jenkins pipeline, that will make your users autonomous and give you more time to focus on less bureaucratic work.

Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/ConfluentInc/building-a-selfservice-kafka-platform-as-a-service-with-julieops/ConfluentInc/building-a-selfservice-kafka-platform-as-a-service-with-julieops
Github link: https://github.com/kafka-ops/julie