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Real-time Data Streaming from Oracle to Apache Kafka®

Speakers: Mike Donovan, CTO, Dbvisit & Gwen Shapira, System Architect, Confluent

In this webinar recording, the experts from Confluent, the creators of Apache Kafka®, and Dbvisit, experts in real-time movement of Oracle data, come together to discuss:
-Typical use cases for Kafka
-How Dbvisit enables real-time data streaming from Oracle databases to move transactional data to Kafka
-How continuous movement of your data provides access to real-time analytics
-Kafka is a popular and very fast stream data platform which excels at integrating different types of data. As Oracle professionals, Dbvisit knows there is so much valuable data that remains hidden away in our databases but we have trouble quickly accessing it and interpreting it in a way that is meaningful to the business.