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A Kafkaesque Raft Protocol (and other KIP-500 updates) with Jason Gustafson and Boyang Chen | West US+CAN Apache Kafka® Meetup by Confluent

KIP-500 set the vision for Kafka without Zookeeper. In this talk, we discuss the community’s progress toward this vision with a focus on our recent proposal for a Raft protocol to serve as the replacement for Zookeeper consensus. We will discuss how this protocol is different from standard Raft and how we see end users interacting with it. Jason is a committer on Apache Kafka and a member of the PMC. He has made numerous contributions including support for exactly once semantics and core improvements to the replication protocol. Boyang is an infrastructure engineer at Confluent, where he works in Kafka Streams team to build next generation streaming platform on top of Apache Kafka. Previously Boyang worked at Pinterest as a software engineer in ads infrastructure team. He worked on various ads realtime challenges and rebuilt the whole budgeting and pacing pipeline to a fast and robust stage with concrete revenue gain and business impact.

Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/ConfluentInc/a-kafkaesque-raft-protocol-and-other-kip500-updates/ConfluentInc/a-kafkaesque-raft-protocol-and-other-kip500-updates