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Unlock the Power of Streaming Data with Kinetica and Confluent Platform

Speakers: Mathew Hawkins, Principal Solution Engineer, Kinetica + Chong Yan, Solutions Architect, Confluent

The volume, complexity and unpredictability of streaming data is greater than ever before. Innovative organizations require instant insight from streaming data in order to make real-time business decisions. A new technology stack is emerging as traditional databases and data lakes are challenged to analyze streaming data and historical data together in real time.

Confluent Platform, a more complete distribution of Apache Kafka®, works with Kinetica’s GPU-accelerated engine to transform data on the wire, instantly ingest data and analyze it at the same time. With the Kinetica Connector, end users can ingest streaming data from sensors, mobile apps, IoT devices and social media via Kafka into Kinetica’s database to combine it with data at rest. Together, the technologies deliver event-driven and real-time data to power the speed of thought analytics, improve customer experience, deliver targeted marketing offers and increase operational efficiencies.

Register for this webinar to see:
-How Kinetica enables businesses to leverage the streaming data delivered with Confluent Platform to gain actionable insights
-How to leverage the Kafka Connect API to integrate data sources and destinations without writing cumbersome code
-A KSQL demo showcasing an end-to-end flow of the complete data pipeline from a live source, to KSQL and finally into Kinetica