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Apache Kafka®: The Next Gen Event Streaming System with Viktor Gamov & Jason Smith | Bay Area Apache Kafka® Meetup

When it comes time to choose a distributed messaging system, the answer is increasingly - Apache Kafka®️.

What if you need more than publish and subscribe messaging, but also long-term storage (spoiler: Core Kafka), a flexible integration framework (another spoiler: Kafka Connect), and a means of deploying real-time stream processing applications (another one: Kafka Streams) at scale?

The answer is still Apache Kafka - a next-generation event streaming platform.

This session introduces the foundations of Apache Kafka®️ and walks through some code examples. Jay and Viktor will demonstrate how to begin using Kafka on Google Cloud with Confluent Operator on GKE and Serverless Kafka via Confluent Cloud. We will also demonstrate streaming applications using Google Cloud Run and Knative Eventing with Kafka.

Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/ConfluentInc/serverless-eventings-with-apache-kafka-and-cloud-run/ConfluentInc/serverless-eventings-with-apache-kafka-and-cloud-run