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Capital One Delivers Risk Insights in Real Time with Stream Processing

Speakers: Ravi Dubey, Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Capital One + Jeff Sharpe, Software Engineer, Capital One

Capital One supports interactions with real-time streaming transactional data using Apache Kafka®. Kafka helps deliver information to internal operation teams and bank tellers to assist with assessing risk and protect customers in a myriad of ways.

Inside the bank, Kafka allows Capital One to build a real-time system that takes advantage of modern data and cloud technologies without exposing customers to unnecessary data breaches, or violating privacy regulations. These examples demonstrate how a streaming platform enables Capital One to act on their visions faster and in a more scalable way through the Kafka solution, helping establish Capital One as an innovator in the banking space.

Join us for this online talk on lessons learned, best practices and technical patterns of Capital One’s deployment of Apache Kafka.

-Find out how Kafka delivers on a 5-second service-level agreement (SLA) for inside branch tellers.
-Learn how to combine and host data in-memory and prevent personally identifiable information (PII) violations of in-flight transactions.
-Understand how Capital One manages Kafka Docker containers using Kubernetes.