Rabobank Journey Towards Becoming and Event-Drive Bank

Speakers: Vincent Oostindië, Business Architect Online at Rabobank | Jeroen van Disseldorp, Founder and Managing Partner at Axual

For years, Rabobank has been actively investing in becoming a real-time, event-driven bank. If you are familiar with banking processes, you will understand that this is not simple. Many banking processes are implemented as batch jobs on not-so-commodity hardware, meaning that any migration effort is immense.

Join us for this online talk on lessons learned and best practices in Rabobank’s journey to becoming a real-time, event-driven bank.

*Find out how Rabobank redesigned Rabo Alerts while continuing to provide a robust and stable alert system for its existing user base
*Learn how the project team managed to achieve a balance between the need to decentralise activity while not losing control
*Understand how Rabobank re-invented a reliable service to meet modern customer expectations